direct debit

direct debit
direct debit diˌrect ˈdebit noun [countable, uncountable] especially BrE BANKING
an instruction that you give your bank to regularly pay money directly out of your account to a particular person or organization:

• Payment can be made by direct debit.

• We set up a direct debit to pay the monthly instalments.

— compare standing order

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direct debit UK US noun [C or U]
BANKING an instruction to your bank to allow someone else to take money from your account, usually as part of a regular arrangement: »

Many utility and service companies will allow you to authorize a direct debit from your checking account for the amount due each month.


I pay most of my bills by direct debit

set up/cancel a direct debit »

Don't forget to cancel the direct debit if you want to stop subscribing to the magazine.

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